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What Is LEED?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The LEED Green Building Rating System™ is a third-party certification program that sets the benchmark for green buildings. LEED helps building owners identify green designs and operations for their buildings. LEED certification is based around the key areas of:

  • Sustainable site development

  • Water savings

  • Energy efficiency

  • Materials selection

  • Indoor environmental quality

How Parkway Can Help You Achieve LEED Certification

Proper pest control services influence two LEED rating categories: Sustainable Site Development and Indoor Environmental Quality.

By utilizing proper Integrated Pest Management techniques of pest control, companies can earn points in both categories listed above. Parkway Pest Services is abreast of the most recent, effective, and environmentally friendly IPM techniques available to Long Island and NYC businesses.

If you are applying for LEED certification and need help with pest control in your building, contact Parkway Pest Services today!


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