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Termite Inspections For Home Buyers, Home Sellers & Homeowners

Here is a trivia question for you: What consumes wood twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week,  and costs United States-property owners billions of dollars each year? That's right, termites. You're good at this game. You probably also know that New York is home to subterranean termites, the most voracious of all termite species. That is why a certified termite inspection is now mandatory by lenders like FHA/VA.

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Parkway Pest Services offers certified termite inspections in Long Island and throughout Nassau, Westchester counties, and Fairfield County, CT.

  • We provide all documentation required by lenders, including a completed NPMA-33 form.
  • We guarantee our work by offering one year of inspection protection. If termites are found on the inspected property within a year, we'll perform remedial termite control services within the affected area at no charge.
  • We are a New York Department of Environmental Conservation registered business.
  • We have been servicing homes and businesses with the most advanced pest control since 1932.
  • We have a Board-Certified Entomologist on staff who is educated in the habits and habitats of termite species.

Termite Inspections For Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent, this is what you need to know about Parkway Pest:

  • We are easy to get in touch with, especially through the escrow process, when it is most important.
  • We can provide inspection with 24 hours of first contact.
  • Our inspectors are on time and reliable.
  • We provide clear and thorough written reports, including the above mentioned NPMA-33 form, which is required by many lenders.
  • Our price is competitive.

Termite Inspections For Homeowners 

The insidious nature of termites is that they are a silent invader. These homewreckers can infest a home for years without detection. A termite colony evaded the watchful eye of White House security for years, until swarmers started showing up inside the West Wing, only yards from the Oval Office. If they can evade White House staff, you can believe they have the ability to avoid detection from a homeowner. That is why it is important to get a certified termite inspection, even if the seller says they've never had trouble with termites.

"No problem, I have a certified home inspector."

The truth about certified home inspectors is that they do not have the knowledge or experience to conduct this kind of inspection. Even if they have state certification to purchase termite products and perform termite control, and claim that they are the "total package," they don't have the ability to guarantee their inspection is sound. With termites, you can't afford to take that risk.

Parkway Pest Services offers a full year of protection after the inspection. If termites are found, we will perform remedial termite control measures at no charge to you. That is a guarantee your certified home inspector can't give you.


Termite Inspections For Home Sellers

If you're looking to sell your home, there is a chance the lending agency for your buyer is going to require a certified termite inspection. If they find termites before you do, you could be left holding the bill.

When you do a pre-emptive inspection for termites, you have control. You'll be able to take care of those termites before you find a buyer, and put the costs for treatment into your asking price for the home.

When your buyer finds termites, that may be the end of the sale--and any future sales, if word gets around that your home has termite damage. Even if the sale moves forward and the buyer is committed, you'll still be left covering all the costs.


Termite Inspections For Homeowners

If you own a home in New York state, it is wise to have ongoing termite protection. But at the very least, be sure to put routine termite inspections into your budget. Once termites have a chance to eat away at your support beams and load-bearing walls, the structure of your home may be warped beyond repair.


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If you live in Long Island and the five boroughs, Westchester, Nassau or Fairfield County, Connecticut, you may be in our service area. Give us a call for expert, certified termite inspections with a one-year guarantee. We can schedule your termite inspection within 24 hours of notification and offer you a detailed written report after the inspection, complete with cost estimates and recommended treatment options.

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