The Importance of Year-Round Termite Protection in New York

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It can get pretty cold in the Big Apple, especially when cold air pushes down from the north. In fact, it can get cold in a matter of minutes. But ground temperatures don't fluctuate that quickly. It takes a lot longer for the ground to get cold, and this change is slower the deeper you go down. The temperature below 4 feet can be a balmy 50 degrees while it is well below freezing walking around on the surface. So subterranean termites can be active even when there is snow on the ground and when we're wearing heavy coats and mittens. That is why your termite protection should be year-round.


Out of Sight out of Mind

When termites attack your New York property, you're not likely to know about it. These insects are wired for secrecy. Here are 5 ways termite behavior prevent detection:

  • Termite workers have an aversion to light. They avoid it at all costs.
  • Termite workers don't like the taste of paint. Workers have been observed feeding on wood all the way to the paint without breaking through.
  • Termite workers have thin skins and require a lot of moisture. Their aversion to dryness causes them to create shelter tubes made of moist soil rather than expose themselves. And their aversion to light, which we already spoke about, will have them building these shelter tubes in places that are hard to see into or crawl into.
  • Worker termites tunnel under the ground.
  • Termites eat wood. That means there is no need for sawdust to be pushed out of tunnels.

There is one time when termites show themselves. Termite swarmers aren't like worker termites. They love the light, and they swarm in the spring when the humidity is high. So you might see a swarmer. But there is a problem with seeing swarmers. Swarms don't last for more than 30 minutes. That means those swarmers will be gone from sight quickly.

The best way to detect termites is to have Sentricon® installed. The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ makes detection a breeze. Not only will you know when termites try to feed on your property, the Sentricon® System actively works to eliminate termite colonies immediately, not eventually. The Award-Winning Sentricon® System is also 100% eco-friendly. It targets termites and only termites. How does it do this? It has an active ingredient that stops termites from molting. When termites are unable to molt, they die.

The Sentricon System has another incredible benefit. When termites come to attack your New York home, you'll know about it. Your technician will easily see bait stations that worker termites have attacked because the bait will be eaten, and dead termites will be present. Why is this such a benefit? Because seeing how important your termite protection is will inspire you to keep investing in this essential protection for your equity. That can't be understated. So often, we find ourselves cutting corners in places that just shouldn't be cut, not realizing the effect it could have on our financial wellbeing. There is no worse feeling than finding out your home has been eaten by subterranean termites for years after you've canceled your termite control plan. With Sentricon, you'll have the incentive to keep going.  

One last point to consider is that most home insurance policies don't protect homes from termite damage. Termite damage is considered preventable with routine maintenance— even though most homeowners aren't equipped to deal with this maintenance on their own properly. When you have Sentricon, it is like having termite insurance. Your home's equity will be protected from the destructive influence termites can have, and the saving you have in the bank won't have to be spent out on termite repairs.

If you'd like to learn more about Sentricon® or speak with one of our Certified Sentricon® Installers, reach out to us. The team here at Parkway Pest Service is standing by to assist you with this important matter. Not home in New York should be without termite protection. It just isn't worth it. Get your protection in place today.


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