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It can be difficult to properly assess the effectiveness of termite control, especially when it comes to protecting Nassau County properties from subterranean termites. These are termites that establish nests in the ground and come up from the ground to feed on the wood of artificial structures. Their activity is almost exclusively in-ground tunnels, or in tunnels, within the wood they're feeding on. They rarely reveal themselves to the open air or the light. If you apply termite control products to protect your property, you'll never know for sure that you've succeeded. If you want effective termite control, you need effective termite inspections or a product that makes detection easier. At Parkway Pest Services, we provide both.

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Professional Inspections

There are subtle signs that termites have infested your property. You can look for these signs yourself, but a professional is far better equipped to uncover this evidence. Professionals are trained in the habits and life cycle of termites. They know that termite workers often have to create shelter tubes on foundation walls and other hard surfaces to get from the soil to the structure's wood. They know that these structures are usually created in dark, damp areas around a home. They understand that shelter tubes can be inside wall voids and not out in the open where they can easily be seen. They are aware that checking a crawl space can reveal no shelter tubes because workers can create tubes within the concrete piers rather than out in the open, even though the space is dark. This is just one of many examples. Here are a few more to help you put this in perspective.

Swarmers. You may know that termite colonies create swarmers and that these are winged termites. A professional knows that swarms only last for about 30 minutes. They know that swarmers shed their wings when they go underground to create a new nest. They know to look in cobwebs to find these shed wings. There are many ways swarmer behavior can reveal the presence of a nest on a property.

Damage. You may know that termites damage wood, but this damage is done inside the wood. A professional knows what exterior damage looks like. A professional knows how to track termite activity by detecting moisture. A professional knows how to tap wood and find hollow areas.

Activity. It can be difficult to find active termites. A professional is aware of conducive conditions, such as logs, stumps, buried wood, rotting wood on structures, dead bushes, and other decaying wood that are food sources that attract termites. They know to check this wood and the soil around them to uncover activity.

It would take several pages to go into detail explaining all of the ways a professional can detect termites on your property. These pages would be boring to read, and after reading them, you would still have trouble detecting termites. Pest professionals do this as a profession. It is their job to know where to look and what methods work to uncover termite activity.

Termite Monitoring

In the last two decades, termite bait has become a trusted method for controlling termites and preventing termite damage. The leader in bait technologies is the Sentricon® System with Always Active. This system is only available to certified Sentricon® Installers. Our technicians have this certification and are trained to install this system.

One of the most amazing benefits of Sentricon® is that it provides a way to monitor termite activity. Termiticides are injected into the ground, but then there is no way to know for sure that they're working, except to do ongoing, above-ground inspections. When termites take the bait inside the Sentricon® bait stations, your technician will know, and when your technician knows, you'll know. We share this information with you. There is no price tag you can put on this. When you're informed that your termite control has thwarted an infestation, you're reminded that your termite control was worth the investment. You'll never get that kind of assurance from a liquid treatment.

Do you have questions about professional termite inspections or termite control? We'd be happy to answer them. We service Nassau County homes and businesses and provide the highest level of termite protection. Reach out to us today. We're here to help.


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