Things Everyone Can Do To Limit Mosquito Exposure

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We all know that mosquitoes are irritating. They're miserable to have around when we're camping, hunting, hiking, grilling, or doing anything else outside. But mosquitoes aren't just a nuisance. They can spread dangerous pathogens. West Nile virus claims lives every year here in the United States. Viruses like dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and more cause many people to have flu-like symptoms, muscle pain, and worse. Encephalitis, spread by mosquitoes, can also cause flu-like symptoms and lead to serious issues such as an infection of the brain. Then, of course, the Zika virus can inspire microcephaly in unborn children at all stages of development. So, should we all live in a bubble? Of course not. But it is important to take reasonable precautions. Not only are these viruses a threat to us, but we can also help spread them. 80 percent of individuals who contract Zika show no symptoms at all. This creates the conditions for this virus to spread like wildfire. If we are to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities, each of us must take steps to limit our exposure to mosquitoes. Here are a few suggestions.

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Things You Can Do To Prevent Mosquito Bites

  • Window and door screens are your first line of defense. It is important to do routine inspections and make sure all your screens are in good working condition. It doesn't take much of a hole for mosquitoes to get through.

  • An open door is an open door to mosquitoes. Going in and out of your home, even through the garage, can give opportunities for mosquitoes to get inside. Keep your doors closed as much as possible.

  • Be aware that moisture is an attractant for mosquitoes. If you have a moist yard or moist foundation perimeter, you're going to lure these insects in. One way to prevent moisture is to allow more sun in to dry things out. Trim branches on trees, bushes, and shrubs to let that sunlight through. Consider creating a dry 1 to 2 foot area around your foundation perimeter.

  • Be aware that mosquitoes breed in still water. It only takes half a cup of water to give mosquitoes a location to breed. This could be water trapped in your gutters, an object in your yard that captures water, an area of compacted ground that allows water to remain after it rains, a bird bath, a puddle under a leaky spigot, and similar conditions.

  • Mosquitoes hide in shaded areas during the day. The more shaded areas you have in your yard, the more mosquitoes you'll have unless you have ongoing mosquito treatments applied in those areas.

  • Some plants lure mosquitoes in. You may not know this, but mosquitoes feed on the nectar of flowers. If you have flowers, your yard will be attractive to mosquitoes. They're also attracted to water hyacinths, water lilies, papyrus, water lettuce, and taro.

  • If you have a bug zapper, it is a good idea to get rid of it. Zappers are great at luring mosquitoes in but only effective at killing male (non-biting) mosquitoes.

  • A good wind can keep mosquitoes away. If you don't have a breeze in your backyard, create one yourself. Mosquitoes are not good fliers. If you put a few fans outside, not only will you stay a little cooler, those mosquitoes will have a hard time getting on you.

The Power Of Mosquito Reduction

You've probably heard it said that you can't completely control mosquitoes. This is true. No pest control company can guarantee that your yard will be mosquito-free. But don't be tempted to believe that just because you can't have a mosquito-free yard, that it isn't worth doing. Our mosquito control program could have you thinking your yard is mosquito-free. This is because our seasonal misting service makes your yard a death trap for mosquitoes. When they hide in your yard--and they will--they are exposed to a knockdown agent that is powerful enough to eliminate them but is harmless to other creatures. It is a scientific fact that dead mosquitoes cannot bite, which is excellent news for your family and friends.

Limit your exposure to mosquitoes and mosquito-borne viruses. For seasonal mosquito coverage reach out to Parkway Pest Services today


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