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Why Am I Seeing Silverfish Around My Westchester Home?

Silverfish up close

Are you seeing teardrop-shaped, six-legged bugs wiggling across your bathroom floor in the middle of the night? These creepy, nocturnal pests are called silverfish. And there are three reasons you're seeing them in your home. Here's what you need to know.

Reason One: Conditions Around Your Home Are Attracting Silverfish

These insects require high humidity and moisture. They won't travel across hot pavement to get to your home, and they won't explore your exterior if it is dry. They get into homes that have moisture near the foundation or conditions that promote hidden moisture, such as leaf piles and grass piles. Addressing moisture and organic materials around your home can reduce the silverfish population and make it less likely that you'll keep having them get inside.

Reason Two: You Have Holes

Silverfish don't chew tunnels in the wood of your home or chew holes through your window and door frames. They use holes that already exist. If you're seeing them inside your home, you have entry points that need to be sealed. Here are a few examples of ways silverfish might have gotten inside.

Frame seals: When gaps appear around the frames of exterior doors and windows, silverfish can slip through and gain quick access to your frame voids, and eventually your wall voids.

Damaged weatherstripping and door sweeps on exterior doors: There are many ways weatherstripping and door sweeps can become damaged. This can lead to gaps that silverfish can use. If you're wondering whether or not an exterior door has gaps, you can easily find out by making it dark inside your home on a sunny day. The sunlight will shine bright through those gaps.

Gaps around pipes: If you have pipes that go through your foundation wall, and there are gaps around those pipes, silverfish can easily get in.

Cracks in mortar: Do you live in a brick home? Damaged mortar can create pathways for pests to get inside.

Cracks in concrete: A tiny crack in a foundation wall is large enough for a silverfish to squeeze through.

Reason Three: You Probably Have A Moisture Problem

Silverfish are drawn to damp wood. This makes it likely that they will find holes created by wood-damaging pests like carpenter ants, mice, and rats, which target damp and decaying wood. The appearance of silverfish inside a home is often an indication that there is moisture damage happening.

Problems Silverfish Cause

It is important to address silverfish problems when you see them. Over time, silverfish can cause damage to your personal belongings, and also to your home.

  • They chew holes in clothes, fabrics, and upholstery.
  • They chew on book bindings and eat moist paper.
  • They chew on photos.
  • They feed on some foods found in your pantry.
  • They consume wallpaper and the paste that holds it to your walls.
  • They can chew a hole through an important document.

Silverfish Control

There are many ways to prevent silverfish from getting into your home but it can be a lot of work getting control of these pests. If you'd like some help, reach out to Parkway Pest Services. We can eliminate all the silverfish in your home and establish a barrier around your home that prevents future infestation. This barrier will also keep other, far more harmful pests out of your Westchester home. Pests can bite and sting, contaminate your food, spread diseases, and significantly damage your property. No home should ever be without an ongoing pest control plan. Let us help you develop your plan today. Our team of licensed and experienced pest professionals is standing by to assist you.