Negative Impact Bed Bugs Have On New York Hotels

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Before the end of the 1990s, bed bugs hardly made a blip on the radar of hotel owners in New York City---and for good reason. Bed bugs had been driven completely out of the United States during the Golden Age of Pesticides. But, that age has passed. We no longer spray liberal amounts of chemicals to fix bug infestations. As it turns out, spraying chemicals all over our beds and then climbing in bed to sleep for the night is a bad idea. So, with this decrease in "liberal" use of chemicals in homes across the United States, there has been a resurgence of pernicious insects, like the bed bug. This is because bed bugs go from homes to hotels and back to homes again. Here are the two ways this can have a negative impact on your New York hotel(s), and what is necessary to fix the problem.

How Bed Bugs Affect Hotels

  • The most obvious way bed bugs have an impact is by hurting your reputation. This is still sort of a new pest problem in the United States. Most people don't understand that a hotel with impeccable cleaning service and exterior pest control can get these bugs. Bed bugs don't crawl across the lawn and squeeze in through the walls. They come in on guests. So, prevention is not an option. It is necessary for a hotel to have ongoing inspections and targeted bed bug control when these pests appear. Routine inspections and fast control can prevent bad reviews on social media.

  • We often think of a bed bug infestation as a problem that only affects guests, but it can have an impact on employees as well. When bed bugs are not properly dealt with, employees begin to wonder if they're going to take these bugs back to their homes. This can lower morale and cause a wide range of issues. Employees are happy when they know there is a plan in place, and when they are instructed on how to detect and deal with bed bugs. A professional pest control company helps to facilitate this education.

We no longer live in a country that coats their belongings with chemicals. That is a very good thing for the health of U.S. citizens, but also good for the spread of bed bugs. Since most homeowners don't have ongoing bed bug service, hotel owners have to meet the increase in potential bedbug-infested guests by having a professional do routine inspections and apply targeted EPA-approved chemical products and other bed bug protocols according to all safety guidelines established by the government. This is how we break the link. This is how we keep bed bugs from coming into our hotels and taking root. For more information, or to set up service for your New York hotel, reach out to Parkway Pest Services.


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