How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

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When bed bugs get into a home or business, they bring misery with them. These are incessant pests that can leave many painful, itchy welts on the skin. They are also tough to get rid of. It is challenging to kill a bed bug, but more because of "how" bed bugs react when we try to kill them.

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Bed Bug Control Methods

Like all bugs, there are many ways to kill bed bugs on contact. Some of them are entirely benign to humans. But, none of them get rid of a bed bug infestation. You can spray and shellac your home with every toxic (or non-toxic) product known to man and still be plagued by bed bugs. All these products tend to do is drive bed bugs into the walls, where they wait until it is safe to come back out and feed. And, if you think you can starve them out, you may want to reconsider that plan. They can go without a meal for months. There is a good chance you'll be tired of spraying and shellacking long before these bugs die from starvation.

Okay. What about other forms of pest control? What about bed bug traps, sticky tape, or heat? While these are all useful tools for dealing with a bed bug infestation, they are usually implemented wrong and have a similar impact on an infestation. When bed bugs feed, only a portion venture out at one time; if those bugs don't come back, the other bed bugs understand this as a threat and respond by hiding. Once again, the likely result is a return of irritating bites when the threat has passed.

What about mattress encasements and pillowcase covers that trap bed bugs and keep new bugs from getting in? This is another great method that is usually ineffective when applied by an untrained person. Bed bugs don't just live in beds. They can live in your bed frame, dresser, alarm clock, walls, upholstered furniture, television, crown molding, wall trim, outlets, carpet edges, and more. These are just some of the many places bed bugs have been found infesting. Unless you use a method of inspection that ensures the isolation of your bed bug problem, you're not likely to get rid of a bed bug infestation this way.

Professional Pest Control For Bed Bugs

Professional pest control companies, like Parkway Pest Services, are educated in the best practices established by industry experts. When our team addresses a bed bug infestation, they may use some of the methods listed above, but they will do it in a way that corals and isolates these bugs, preventing them from retreating into your walls.

Treatment may be as simple as installing mattress and box spring encasements or the direct treatment of a piece of furniture. We ensure that there are no bugs anywhere else through careful inspection with K9 Bed Bug Inspectors if this is the case. Dogs have a powerful sense of smell that allows them to sniff out bed bugs.

If a larger treatment is necessary, you can expect that the bed bug pros here at Parkway Pest Services will walk you through every step to ensure the protection of your property and the safety of every living creature in your home. This may include conventional treatments, steam treatments, or a mixture of these. Once the treatment is complete, the structure will be carefully inspected to ensure no bugs remain.

If you need year-round protection from bed bugs, we do that too. Bed bugs are not like other pests. They don't live in your yard and squeeze in through your exterior walls. They travel in on humans. The only way to protect a home or a business is through ongoing bed bug monitoring and target treatments. We offer a comprehensive monitoring and control plan that will catch these bugs quickly and keep them from taking root.

Parkway Pest Services serves New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island, and the Five Boroughs with the highest level of pest control available in the industry. If you need protection from bed bugs, we would love to assist you. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment to meet with an experienced and educated pest professional regarding your bed bug issue.


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