Termite Swarmers

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If you find discarded insect wings all over your house or see small, winged insects emerging from your walls, you are likely dealing with a termite swarm. These winged termites are the reproductive caste of the termite colony, and they are taking flight in search of a mate to start a new colony. There is no need to panic, as these termites cannot hurt you, nor do they damage the wood. However, their presence does mean that you have a termite problem in your home. If you have seen termites or the signs of a termite swarm at your home, contact Parkway Pest Services! We have provided solutions to termite problems in Syosset, Woodbury, and throughout the New York Metro area since 1932, and we know just what to do. Leave your home in the hands of the New York termite control experts.

Termites Or Flying Ants? Here Is The Difference

an illustration of a termite swarmer next to a flying ant

Termite swarmers are often confused with flying ants, and it is challenging to tell them apart. However, there are a few significant differences that can help you identify the bugs that are pestering you:


  • Have straight antennae

  • Have a broad waist

  • Have four wings of equal size


  • Have elbowed antennae

  • Have a thin, pinched waist

  • Have 2 large wings and 2 small wings

If you still are not sure which pests you are dealing with, try Asking Our Entomologist!

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