How to Protect Your Kitchen from Invasive Cockroaches

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Do you know that most cockroach species don't infest homes? It's true. They would much rather live on the moistened ground of a forest floor and crawl around in the endless sea of leaf litter. But, there are a handful of cockroaches that ruin the reputation of the rest. They can tolerate environments that aren't quite as damp as they would prefer, and they get into our homes and infest our kitchens. When they do, they accidentally expose us to many harmful organisms. Today, we're going to look at some of the ways cockroaches make us sick and how you can protect your kitchen from these invasive insects.

a brown banded cockroach is crawling on an egg crate surface in a new york kitchen

Are you aware the cockroaches feed on decaying organic matter? In nature, they help with the decomposition of many organic materials. But, this helpful trait isn't all that helpful when roaches get into your kitchen. The same cockroach that climbs into your trash bin to feed and break down organic materials can be found crawling around on your counters, cutting boards, dishes, and other surfaces. This can expose everyone in your home to harmful bacteria. You can prevent this by getting a trash bin for your kitchen that has a lid that seals. This will help to keep cockroaches out.
Do you know that cockroaches like confined spaces? In nature, they climb around in the gaps between rocks. They love to have their bellies and their backs touching two hard surfaces at the same time. This trait will have them squeezing in between your oven and the wall where food, oils, and juices can be found. Can you imagine licking the side of your stove? Well, when cockroaches feed in this dirty spot in your kitchen, they pick up invisible microbes and carry them to your dishes and food prep surfaces. Routine, deep cleaning of your kitchen can reduce the rotting organic material in the hidden places cockroaches squeeze into.
Do you know that cockroaches feed on feces? In nature, they don't just help with the decomposition of dead animals; they move through and feed on the dung of living animals. They are very beneficial. But a cockroach inside your home can be found crawling across a toilet rim or getting into your cat's litter box. And, as you can probably guess, that will expose you to harmful unseen organisms. It doesn't take long for cockroaches to get from your bathroom or cat box to your kitchen. These are swift and mobile insects. You can reduce this risk by keeping your toilet bowls as clean as possible and adding baking soda to your cat's litter.
Do you know that cockroaches can chew through cardboard and paper? In nature, they chew dead leaves into pieces that small organisms can make even smaller. Decomposition in nature is a team effort. This chewing ability helps cockroaches to gain access to foods that are contained in cardboard or paper. You can prevent this by putting these items in plastic, sealable containers. Do this for dog and cat food as well. Cockroaches eat a wide range of foods.

Cockroach Management

Good sanitation is key to cockroach management. Cockroaches don't prefer to be in a clean place. But it can be complicated to stay on top of all that cleaning. The best solution is to have the cockroaches in your home eliminated by a licensed professional and invest in residential pest control for your exterior. Quality residential pest control plans come with scheduled treatments for your foundation perimeter. These treatments help keep a wide range of pests out of your home and kitchen, including cockroaches.
If you're in our NYC service area, drop us a line. The team at Parkway Pest Services is one of the best in the industry. Our team members have the licensing, certifications, professionalism, and experience to guard your home against cockroaches and the harmful bacteria, parasites, and diseases they can spread. Get started by requesting a free quote. We'll send someone right to your home to do an inspection and give you a quote for services. This will let you know what you're up against and what it will cost to protect your home. Our service rates are highly competitive when compared with other trusted pest control providers. Please don't settle for less than the best, especially when it comes to the threat of New York cockroaches.


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